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Product Info

No, the Slidecase is designed as if you only had a single card in the wallet, the card will not fall out.

The Slidecase can hold up to 12 cards.

Yes, you will need a hex key to remove the money clip.

Yes, our wallet will not be damaged with exposure to water. However, we recommend avoiding prolonged exposure, especially to salt water.

While the Slidecase is designed to be reasonably scratch resistant, we do not recommend having other objects such as keys, key chains, cellphones in the same pocket as the Slidecase. Doing so increases the chance of scratching the surface of the wallet. In terms of durability, in most cases, the Slidecase can hold up to accidental drops well. However, our Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover such abuse.

No, due to the lack of stiffness and sharp corners of business cards or any paper-based cards, they will not work inside the Slidecase. However, they fit great underneath the money clip on the back!

We advise to not put your Slidecase in the same pocket with other valuables/items such as keys or cellphone. This will minimize the chance of your personal belongings from scratching each other.

We do not recommend sitting on wallets in general and highly recommend the Slidecase be stored in the front pocket. In fact, sitting on a wallet can be bad for your health as well. More info:

The chance of your cards de-magnetizing each other is quite slim. The coercivity of the magnetic material in the stripes in most cards is high enough to resist the magnetizing force capable of being applied by another magnetic stripe. In theory, if the magnetic stripes of two cards were right beside each other for a long time, it's possible the cards could become demagnetized. Having said that, we do recommend to have your cards facing the same direction. This eliminates the chance of magnetic stripes facing each other, and greatly reduces the chance of cards demagnetizing each other.

Please note that there's a brief break-in period to the Slidecase. After about 2 weeks of usage, the cards would fan out easily and smoothly. Also, please ensure your Slidecase is not overloaded with too many cards.

The weight of the wallet is aroung 63g or 2.2 oz.


Every wallet purchased from our website comes with a lifetime warranty.

This warranty does not cover: normal wear and tear of the elastics; scratches on the outer-plates; damages caused by accident, abuse, neglect, shock; improper use or storage of the product; loosening of screws; unauthorized modifications or repairs; loss, theft, or acts of God.

Please contact us at and we would be happy to assist you.


Please us an email to and we'd be happy to assist you.

Yes, for all returns and exchanges we must charge a $8 fee.

All items must be unused so we can approve your return request. 

You have 14 days since the day that you received it to submit a request. 

1. The product(s) was broken or damaged.
2. The product(s) was lost in transit.
3. The client received a different product(s) than the one he ordered.
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